Research Approach

Research Approach

The 'Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project' is based around the IWM's Lives of the First World War (LOTFWW) project where it enjoys the features and functionality that it provides.

A small group of primarily 'Remote Volunteers', associated with the LOTFWW project, are specialising in the Battle of Jutland where they are endeavouring to recreate the crew lists of the 151 Royal Navy ships at the battle.

Each of the ships has an associated LOTFWW ship community, or group, each with a manager that has the capability of adding, amending and removing names from the community. The name of the manager can be seen on the appropriate LOTFWW ship community web page.

The 'Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project' is tracked via the Jutland Crew Lists Google sheet.  Each ship has its own tab on the sheet where the names are presented in alphabetical order. These sheets are presented on this website where they are updated live and can be viewed at JCL sheets

A systematic review of service number ranges is conducted on a daily basis. The results of this exercise update the records on this project [yellow colour code below] but are also passed on to the NMRN Interactive Map project for incorporation into that project.

The sheets are colour coded to give an 'at a glance' overview of the status of the research.

The colours are:
 For a visual overview of the project please follow the link to the project summary section.
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